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PacQuest 3D

Golden Crown award of TG
Rate: 67% Our price: $1795
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Hardware: CPU 433 Mhz, 64Mb RAM, 3D video 16M RAM, DirectX7.0
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Game review:
   Brand NEW ver 3 finally released! Now with weapons and spells!
Shoot monsters by magic Fire Balls, Power Shield and Trap Mines!

   Pass through 16 summer and winter levels in this attractive faery arcade game with exciting shooter elements. You are not only old fashoined pacman, who had just passive legs... Arm yourself with formidable weapon. Encourage yourself to fight against dreadful Legocefals and terrible Eyekensteins, who want to stop you.

   You are put in journey by the magic of mighty wizard and have to pass mystical world of 16 planets. Once you passed all planets you escape off your pernicious habit to eat too much sweeties. Complete dangerous world and return home!
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features steps

• 3D faery action pacman game for Win 98-XP

• 16 planets, summer and winter episodes

• Shoot Magic Fireball, Power Shield, Trap Mines, and much more...

• Find proper path to escape, colect keys, open doors

• Instant tech support driven by live people!

• Pay by credit card or by check using secure form

Immediately get your product after purchase!

• Instant support, top quality, fair refund, no spam, guaranteed fun!

game screenshots
Full PacQuest 3D screenshot Full PacQuest 3D screenshot Full PacQuest 3D screenshot Full PacQuest 3D screenshot
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Player's Award
Rate: 84% Our price: $2495
Your ingenuity and dwarves' courage will make this quest easy as a game.
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