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Titan Attacks (Mac)

Titan Attacks (Mac) screenshot
Rate: 51% Our price: $995  Buy Titan Attacks (Mac) game  Free download Titan Attacks (Mac) game  
Game info:
The Earth is under attack from evil aliens from the planet Titan! It will take an army to stop them, but all you've got is your trusty ship and a good trigger finger! Use the bounty money that you earn to buy awesome ship upgrades and weapons. Destroy all spaceships in the challenge levels for bonus prizes! Defeat five merciless motherships as you drive the Titans back across the Solar System to the final showdown on their home planet! You never know what you'll see next when Titan Attacks!
Game by: Puppy Games See screenshot
Hardware: OS: Mac OS X 10.4+
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Author Comment Date
Vinay that camera delay dsoent happen on my titan, perhaps its because you had lots of applications open in the backround or that the button on yours is faulty. im enjoying the device so much right now, the one thing i love about it is that you can quickly unlock it, find what you want and then put it back in your pocket. on my old htc android phone it would takes ages to do things and nything i wanted to find out would be buried within menus or would need to be slowly refreshed 17.12.12
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