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Cake Mania (Mac)

Cake Mania (Mac) screenshot
Rate: 51% Our price: $1999  More about Cake Mania (Mac)  
Game info:
Help a young baker show big bad business who's boss in this fast-paced treat! When the retail behemoth "Mega-Mart" moves in, Jill's beloved family bakery is forced to close. But she's determined to get the business back on its feet with delicious sweets. Help Jill open her own bakery, bring in customers, and earn enough money to re-open her grandparents' bakery! With 48 levels and four different bakeries, Cake Mania is full of mouth-watering fun. Let's get cookin'!
Game by: Sandlot Games See screenshot
Hardware: OS: Mac OS X 10.4+
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Michael Oh Really Some people rlealy do think they know anything. If you payed the slightest bit of attention to the goings on in the Mac World, then you would have heard of Mac Defender. No doubt you think highly of yourself and your precious Mac as someone who can't be touched by internet hackers because they have a Mac. In all honesty, its obnoxious idiots like you who have ironically downloaded this virus and have not the intellectual power to realise. Scared ? I would be 30.04.12
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