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Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award
Rate: 79% Our price: $2299
Impressive 3D explosion, smoke effects - it's the greatest battleship game!

World Poker Championship

Rate: 61% Our price: $1999      
Game info:
Poker champions are made one hand at a time. Now it's your chance to play in a no-holds-barred tournament showdown. Play your way through the World Poker Championship series at 6 international casinos to earn a place in the championship round of No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. Do you have what it takes to risk it all and outmaneuver 20 of the world's best poker players each with unique play styles tendencies and aggressiveness? Experience the most challenging most realistic game play with WPC's advanced poker AI. Progress through tough tournament rounds where the entry fees are steeper but the prize pools are enormous.
Game by: ValuSoft See screenshot
Hardware: Processor: PII 450 MHz<br>DirectX 9.0b<br>128 MB RAM<br>Free hard drive space: 250 MB<br>3D Accelera
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