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Rate: 68% Our price: $1995
Intense helicopter 3D game that makes you fly and fight over allkind areas.


Player's Award
Rate: 87% Our price: $1995    
Game info:
Thousands of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? You will consistently unlock new and better perks that improve your ability to use a devastating arsenal. Crimsonland features 3 modes of play, Internet high score posting, and endless hours of pressure packed fun.
Game by: Reflexive See screenshot
Hardware: Celeron 433, 3D video card with 8mb RAM, Windows 95,98,ME,XP,2000
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Author Comment Date
winnie i never play this games but i know how to play it..well, for me , i would give 3 stars only! 15.05.05
commando kid general t's comment is pretty true but even though its just a demo its awsome 07.03.05
commando_boy this game is awsome i wish.if there ere the whole game it would be better but dis dema is cool 07.03.05
adam this is a really fun game but i wish it was a 1st person view and i got the full and i didny pay it!:P 22.12.04
beaver this is very cool game,but it have very litle playing and thats why it's very expensive . ( 01.02.04
Gamecatterpillar 36 This is the most awesome game that I have ever seen in my entire life! Well it does'nt beat Halo or Starcraft but if They payed for a big marketing campaign it would go sky high 22.12.03
cw game master THIS GAME IS SWEET!!!!!!!!!it doesn't have good graphics but is so fun.I keep on playing the demo but my time always runs out.My Point: 9-!0 08.12.03
Paul Its a good, fun game but it gets boring after a while and it isn't worth 20 dollars. I mean, stuff like Hitman for about 24 bucks is much more fun 02.12.03
James The game is defintely worth $20 bucks. It's the most addicitve game and very awesom weapons and power-ups 04.11.03
General T This game is really fun but it has one problem its a demo i hate that i want to play the full game but i dont want to buy it. $20 for a little game like that i think thats a little stupid and you dont even get to play that long and you get to play barly anything. Like say its a fun game but you need to buy the full version i think thats stupid. 22.10.03
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