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Player's Award
Rate: 72% Our price: $900
Driver puts gamers right in the middle of the action and behind the wheel!

FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

Rate: 51% Our price: $1999      
Game info:
Maximum exquotement, maximum chaos, and all in eyeball searing high definition; FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is the PC's most extreme destruction racer! Takes the trademark mayhem of FlatOut and FlatOut 2 and lwhetherts it to a wgap new map of bone breaking carnage. With three distinct game styles, an integrated career type and intense in-your-face destructive action, FlatOut Ultimate Carnage will be the gaming world's most smash-tastic driving game to date.
Game by: Strategy First See screenshot
Hardware: Windows XP/Vista,Processor: PIII 2.2 GHz,DirectX 9.0c,1 GB RAM,Free hard drive space: 8 GB,3D Accele
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