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Rate: 66% Our price: $995
Kremlin Puzzle 3D constructor game. Six buildings from Moscow Kremlin theme.


Rate: 63% Our price: $1995
Go Hawaiian in this gorgeous underwater adventure!


Rate: 61% Our price: $9995
The world's most-loved word game with colorful 3D graphics and multiplayer mode!


Rate: 58% Our price: $1400
Boggle is the 3-minute word search game that everyone in family plays at once.


Rate: 38% Our price: $1995
Shoot the fruit to match the groups! Three great ways to play.
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Flip or Flop

06.01.09 41% 10.65 mb
Try your hand at match-3 home improvement to save Granny from the IRS!


06.01.09 51% 5.34 mb
An advanced logic game with a unique concept!

Luxor: Amun Rising

06.01.09 51% 10.93 mb
Glory and adventure await in this all-new ball-shooting adventure!

Mind Your Marbles

06.01.09 51% 4.85 mb
A classic puzzler - deceptively simple and endlessly challenging!

Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife

06.01.09 84% 95.93 mb
Only you can set Nefertiti's spirit free in the next Luxor adventure!

Little Shop of Treasures

06.01.09 51% 24.82 mb
Find your way to fun at the Little Shop of Treasures today!

I.Q. Identity Quest

06.01.09 51% 18.67 mb
Unravel the mystery of the Puzzle Cube and master your mind!

Maui and The Big Fish

06.01.09 51% 19.76 mb
Save your village from a big fish in this tropical action puzzle adventure!

Fruit Lockers

06.01.09 51% 3.10 mb
An addictive fruit dropping game with a twist!

ZoomBook: The Temple of the Sun

06.01.09 51% 23.13 mb
Captivating storybook puzzler with suspense around every corner!

Reiner Knizia's Ingenious

06.01.09 51% 18.86 mb
It's a puzzle treat that the whole family can enjoy!

Pastime Puzzles

06.01.09 51% 11.41 mb
Jigsaw puzzles with a fun 50's theme!

Boulder Dash Treasure Pleasure

06.01.09 51% 4.54 mb
Classic, addictive, treasure-collecting action at its best!

Hidden Wonders of the Depths

06.01.09 51% 22.87 mb
Welcome to a magical underwater world!

Monarch: The Butterfly King

06.01.09 51% 17.12 mb
Journey across majestic Celtic ruins in this match-game of enchantment!

Magic Gem

06.01.09 51% 7.37 mb
Venture to Mystery Island in this new take on the classic match-3 puzzler.

Season Match

06.01.09 66% 16.01 mb
Beat the wicked Winter Queen to save Fairy Land!

Flower Quest

06.01.09 51% 12.10 mb
With Flower Quest, your love of puzzle games will bloom like never before!

Super Cubes

06.01.09 51% 7.31 mb
Puzzle game with outstanding effects and extremely addictive gameplay.


06.01.09 51% 11.53 mb
Solve an ancient mystery in Azteca!


06.01.09 51% 14.68 mb
Cubes with a spin...collect them and win!


06.01.09 51% 7.37 mb
Match lily pads to clear your path on your high seas journey!

Holiday Bonus

06.01.09 51% 17.31 mb
Chill out with this cool winter-themed puzzle game! Don't miss the festive fun!

Swap and Fall 2

06.01.09 51% 5.81 mb
Enjoy a cute new twist on the classic match-3 puzzler!

4 Elements

06.01.09 51% 45.62 mb
Tame the power of the 4 Elements!

Jewel Miner

06.01.09 51% 9.78 mb
Gold Miner's niece, Julie, has her own exciting new matching game!

Funny Faces

06.01.09 51% 1.80 mb
Entertaining click n' pop action!

Around The World

06.01.09 51% 6.45 mb
Uncover 10 world-class cities in this inventive block-matching puzzler!

Snowy Puzzle Islands

06.01.09 51% 6.04 mb
A challenging and cute puzzler for the whole family!

G2: Geeks Unleashed

06.01.09 51% 11.15 mb
A fun filled, tongue-in-cheek puzzler with hours of geeky nirvana!
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