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Rate: 66% Our price: $995
Kremlin Puzzle 3D constructor game. Six buildings from Moscow Kremlin theme.


Rate: 63% Our price: $1995
Go Hawaiian in this gorgeous underwater adventure!


Rate: 61% Our price: $9995
The world's most-loved word game with colorful 3D graphics and multiplayer mode!


Rate: 58% Our price: $1400
Boggle is the 3-minute word search game that everyone in family plays at once.


Rate: 38% Our price: $1995
Shoot the fruit to match the groups! Three great ways to play.
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29.08.05 58% 34.00 mb
Boggle is the 3-minute word search game that everyone in family plays at once.

Puzzlic Advanced

29.08.05 53% 1.40 mb
Make you brains work in a different way!!! It's new generation of puzzle games!


29.08.05 55% 12.00 mb
The game of great shakes and risky rolls is now interactive!


29.08.05 66% More...
JMPuzzles is a type of very addictive puzzles.

Sunken Treasure

29.08.05 10% 4.00 mb
Use logic, sonar, and a touch of luck to find all the hidden treasure.


28.08.05 56% 5.00 mb
Clear the board of the colored liquid and watch remaining drops form new shapes.

Magic Inlay

16.08.05 70% More...
Jewel arranging fun in a mystical world.

Inspector Parker

16.08.05 84% More...
Help Inspector Parker solve the mystery of Misanthrope Manor.

Tip top

13.08.05 33% More...
Clear away the largest number of cute figures in the form of oranges, plums...

Mummy maze

13.08.05 61% More...
Get you hero to the exit and escape wicked mummy.

Noah's ark game

13.08.05 43% More...
Find a pair to each animal as in Bible story and herd them into Noah's ark.

Seven seas game

13.08.05 64% More...
Move your ship to the safety position so that pirate ships won't hit you.


12.08.05 51% 3.80 mb
This game actually is a set of several fun egg-busting games.

Diamond mine

12.08.05 42% More...
Catch some fast and furious gem-matching fun in this simple puzzle game.

Big money

08.08.05 55% More...
Make yourself multi-millionaire - play witty game Big Money!

Super Bounce out

08.08.05 39% 1.35 mb
Bounce out enough quantity of balls in defined time.


07.08.05 76% More...
Turn the game board from lead to gold by placing magic runes in board's squares.

Atomica deluxe

07.08.05 44% More...
Gather groups of four balls-atoms by color to make a molecule.

Super Mahjong

07.08.05 61% 3.27 mb
Match tiles to clear the board. Find all matches and go to the next level.

Super Collaps

07.08.05 60% 2.69 mb
Find rows and columns of three or more like-colored blocks.

Jewel Quest

28.07.05 67% More...
Explore the ancient Maya ruins while discovering hidden treasures and artifacts.

Crazy Coins

16.07.05 85% More...
Crazy Coins is chaotic fun! The game features three modes of play.

Varmintz Deluxe

16.07.05 49% 6.00 mb
Varmintz brings back classic 'hop-and-dodge' style gameplay to keep you moving.

Sveerz Deluxe

16.07.05 46% More...
Sveerz Deluxe is the musical matching game that bounces to the beat.

Suited For Speed

16.07.05 57% More...
You're quick on the draw and ready for the challenge of Speed.

Secret Chamber

16.07.05 46% More...
Discover his amazing inventions hidden deep in the Secret Chamber.

Pharaoh's Curse Gold

16.07.05 24% More...
Pharaoh's Curse Gold is a platform game mixed with cool puzzles.

Library of the Ages

16.07.05 46% More...
Puzzle game of sorting ancient books into runs and sets before time runs out.

HangStan Trivia

16.07.05 51% More...
Know 70's 80's & 90's music? Movies? Classic TV? HangStan Trivia is for you!

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 2

16.07.05 75% More...
Mr. Snoozleberg is a chronic sleepwalker. Help him overcome obstacles.
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