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Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award
Rate: 88% Our price: $1995
Lemonade Tycoon serves up a lemony twist on business simulation games!

Monopoly Tycoon

Player's Award
Rate: 76% Our price: $2900      
Game info:
Monopoly Tycoon is a simulation game where the traditional fantasy of "owning it all" is taken to the next level. You come to this city with nothing but your inheritance and a dream, to acquire wealth by buying and developing the Monopoly properties you know and love. Plan, invest, build, demolish, and bankrupt your opponents in a beautiful, real time 3D environment, populated by hundreds of citizens who will rent your apartments.
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: Pentium 233 MHz, 64 Mb RAM, 8 MB video card, sound card, DirectX 8.0
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Author Comment Date
chris its pretty good 16.06.05
Tynisha I think that this game should et a four+ because it meets the expectations but not clear enough...and if this was my middle school teacher she would probably say that the whole game could use more work to it. But so far so good its okay but not so perfect that everyone would want to rush to the store and buy it for them self or for their children...especially the little ones. P.S. Take all you r games back and give them some work because they are not perfect at all. 22.06.04
12 page1 
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