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Player's Award
Rate: 87% Our price: $1995
3 modes of play, Internet score posting, many hours of pressure packed fun.

Street Fighter Alpha 2

Player's Award
Rate: 73% Our price: $1400      
Game info:
Intense arcade fighting action! Join 18 of your favorite lethal Street Fighters, including Chun-Li, Akuma, Zangief and Ryu as they unleash a barrage of killer custom combos, quick move reversals and Alpha Counters in this no holds-barred street fight of epic proportions. Features: A flawless translation of the #1 smash arcade hit, Smooth character control, vibrant animation and 20 new backgrounds, For 1 or 2 players.
Game by: Capcom See screenshot
Hardware: Pentium 133MHz, 32 Mb RAM
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