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Player's Award
Rate: 82% Our price: $900
It's not a streak of movement, it's your life flashing before you!

Deer Hunter III

Rate: 63% Our price: $900      
Game info:
In 1998 Sunstorm set the standard for hunting sims with the release of the hugely successful Deer Hunter 2. And now with the advanced new STE 3.0 graphics engine in Deer Hunter 3, the legendary pursuit continues! You've never had a more powerful cache of firearms or buck-bustin' hunting gear, and it's never been brought to you with such realism. Travel the expansive fields, forests, bluffs and mountains of Utah and Missouri.
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: 200+ MHz Pentium with 3D video acceleration or 266+ MHz Pentium without 3D video acceleration
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Author Comment Date
morgan .its ok but is it a demo? 04.05.08
12 page1 
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