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Player's Award
Rate: 82% Our price: $900
It's not a streak of movement, it's your life flashing before you!

Carnivores 2

Player's Award
Rate: 82% Our price: $900      
Game info:
Another world. Another time. Another test of the fittest... You traverse the vast new world filled with prehistoric creatures from a time long past. With enough weaponry to flatten a mountain range, you begin your search. You feel a surge of dominance over your potential next kill, but then come to an abrupt and haunting realization. You are outnumbered, outsmarted and the object of a deadly prehistoric creature's hunt.
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: Pentium 233, 32MB RAM, DirectX 5.0, DirectX video card, DirectSound sound card
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Arianewp i am gonna show this to my friend, dude 06.04.08
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