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Golden Crown award of TGPlayer's Award
Rate: 100% Our price: $1999
Atari's 80 Classic Games a compilation of unforgettable Atari titles.

Master of Orion III

Player's Award
Rate: 87% Our price: $1995      
Game info:
In Master of Orion 3, the sequel to one of the best-loved strategy games of all time, you assume the biggest role ever. No longer do you represent mere interplanetary dictators; in Master of Orion 3, you become the controlling force behind entire galactic civilization. It is not enough to be an able economist or great captain to succeed; political, administrative, and espionage skills must be applied to craft your civilization's glorious chapter.
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: 300 MHz Pentium II, 128 MB RAM, DirectX 8.0 Compatible Video and Sound Card
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