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Player's Award
Rate: 84% Our price: $2495
Your ingenuity and dwarves' courage will make this quest easy as a game.


Rate: 51% Our price: $995      
Game info:
You play Wally an ordinary person who must defend his village against the onslaught of centipedes as well spiders army ants fleas and scorpions. Command a custom-built centipede-fighting vehicle called a shooter. Battle across many different areas to the centipede temple saving captured and stranded people along the way. Finally meet up with the mother of all bad creatures the queen centipede.
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: Windows 95/98 Pentium 133 MHz or faster 16 MB RAM 225 MB free hard disk space DirectX 5.0-compatible
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Keiwan Now we know who the senlsibe one is here. Great post! 15.09.11
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