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Player's Award
Rate: 85% Our price: $2495
Sequel to the enormously successful original 3D Management simulation.

Rocket Bowl

Player's Award
Rate: 85% Our price: $1995      
Game info:
Rocketbowl puts a futuristic twist on the traditional bowling experience. Use special rocket-powered bowling balls to curve, boost, and hop your way over hills, around water traps, across bridges, and through winding chutes, all at a fun and relaxing pace. Knock over special Dollar Pins, collect bonus coins, and wager on matches against local pros to fatten your wallet and buy more advanced bowling balls! Download RocketBowl and enjoy the utopian leisure sport of the!
Game by: Large Animal Games See screenshot
Hardware: Memory: 128MB Display: 3D Graphics Cardw/16MB CPU: 600Mhz
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