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Player's Award
Rate: 87% Our price: $1995
3 modes of play, Internet score posting, many hours of pressure packed fun.

Robots Arena

Player's Award
Rate: 76% Our price: $1400      
Game info:
The battling robots come to your PC - this is one of our top free downloadable games! Construct robots using a wide variety of pre-defined components -Arm your robot with scores of weapons including saws, axes, hammers, battering rams and more! Combat in both day and night arenas, so don.t forget headlights! Win, and you get to upgrade your machine. Lose and you might not have enough cash to fix your robot. Download Robot Arena now!
Game by: Atari See screenshot
Hardware: Pentium 450, 64 MB RAM, 3D video card
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Author Comment Date
commando dis game is cool ive watched the tv show and its pimp 07.03.05
rtjjgfj robot arena is da "fuggin" best game eva! 12.12.04
gonçalo its cool!!!!!!!!!!! 11.10.03
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