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Player's Award
Rate: 87% Our price: $1995
3 modes of play, Internet score posting, many hours of pressure packed fun.

Gluk'Oza: Action!

Rate: 51% Our price: $1995      
Game info:
Smack down wave upon wave of jack-booted pigs, yakuza vampires and plasma-gun-toting aliens in dynamic hand-to-hand and ranged combat using a deadly mix of weapons from samurai swords to machine guns and grenades. Special map bonuses, combos and band-members will assist Gluk'Oza save the world in style as her continuous action is intertwined with a striking comedians-style storyline and a forceful pop soundstrack. It'll take even more than music to tame these savage beasts - get ready for Gluk'Oza Action!
Game by: Meridian4 See screenshot
Hardware: Windows XP/Vista,Processor: Pentium 1.9 GHz,DirectX 9.0c,512 MB RAM,Free hard drive space: 1.2 GB,12
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Author Comment Date
Satiro I?ve been playing torguhh DQIX as well, I?m hoping it opens up a bit soon with an airship or something like Final Fantasy. The religious aspect is interesting too in how it tries to draw in the player. YOU are a part of this system, and therefore you are on this quest. Some of it is for personal reasons, of course, but a lot of it comes from an obligation to this system and your place in it. (being vague for those who haven't played yet, haha)I also think the hyper-Christianity mixed with some Norse mythology really brings the world together into a unique viewpoint alongside the visuals. Characters are super cute, tiny, and almost childlike alongside a religious mishmash that sounds like a kid piecing together a bunch of ideas they've heard to explain why bad and good things happen in the world. Oh yeah, and you can dress your characters however you want, much like an MMO. That's fun. Get this game! 18.12.12
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